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Jurassic Park raptors

Raptors are looking for you

Jurassic Park raptors - Raptors are looking for you

In the movie "Jurassic Park," the raptors are a group of intelligent, carnivorous dinosaurs that play a central role in the plot. The raptors are portrayed as highly intelligent and capable of coordinated attacks, which makes them one of the most dangerous threats to the human characters.

The raptors in the movie are based on the Velociraptor dinosaur, although they are depicted as much larger than their real-life counterparts. The raptors are shown to be capable of opening doors, communicating with each other, and exhibiting pack hunting behavior.

The raptors are first introduced in the film during a demonstration by the character Dr. Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill) in which he explains how they may have hunted their prey. Later, the raptors escape from their enclosure and begin to hunt the human characters throughout the park.

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