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Are ya Winning

Are ya Winning Son

Are ya Winning - Are ya Winning Son

The "Are Ya Winning Son?" meme originated from a webcomic created by artist Shawn Bowers. The comic, titled "A Childhood Memory," was posted on Bowers' website in 2013 and gained popularity on various social media platforms over the years.

The comic depicts a young boy playing a video game while his father looks on and asks, "Are ya winning, son?" The boy responds that he is not, and the father leaves with a disappointed expression.

The meme took off in 2020 when it started being used in various contexts online, particularly on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. The image of the father asking his son if he's winning has been used to depict various scenarios where a person is struggling to achieve a goal, and someone else is checking in on their progress. It has become a humorous way to express feelings of failure or inadequacy.

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